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Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
california," the state's healthcare exchange. coming up on the consumerwatch we're answering your questions live on the air. call us now 888-5-helps-u. ,, commuters. some passengers got physically ill when the train got trapped in the oad hills tunnel this morning.. began fi >>> another rough ride for bart commuters today. some passengers got sick when their train got trapped in the oakland hills tunnel this morning and began filling with smoke. da lin on the sudden stop that crippled yet another east bay commute. da? >> reporter: yeah, ken. this is the latest major incident in what has been a very, very difficult year for bart and its passengers. this morning, about 700 passengers were stuck in a train stuck in a tunnel waiting for rescue so we asked bart, what's going on? a scary sight in a bart car passengers helping this woman, who appeared unconscious. a rider took the cell phone video this morning after the train they were in got stuck in the berkeley hills tunnel. >> it was confusing. we didn't hear anything for 40 minutes. >> i panicked a little bit but there's not too much you can
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
this kind of healthcare is coming. and a break down of family values. >> reporter: linda potter lived in redwood city for 50 years. she and a group of protestors are opposed to the opening of a planned parenthood clinic on el camino real. potter says it's not just about abortion. she says the clinic will lower property values. >> this is not helping. this used to be a family restaurant now it's a blight. >> you come to expect protestors at our centers. there is a vocal community of protestors here. >> reporter: a spokesman argues there is a need in redwood city for planned parenthood. >> only 3% of abortion services and in fact at this location we are not going to provider surgical abortions, just medication abortions. >> reporter: if this sounds familiar that's because planned parenthood has been down this road before in redwood city. the last proposal was just about a block away two years ago. back then the lack of parking spaces made planned parenthood back off its plans. >> if they don't get those parking spaces, right, they don't get to have their clinic here. right? >> we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2